Millennial brides have new ways of getting married and are increasingly aware of the environmental footprint of their wedding on the planet. They want a sustainable wedding and a slow-fashion wedding dress. At l ‘Arca, we work to offer our brides a wide selection of dresses of this type.

The slow-fashion bride looks for a new dress

EIn our shop, you will find a curated selection of authentic vintage dresses from the 1920s as well as antique undergarments that can be used as a wedding dress.

We also design and ENTIRELY produce in our atelier, custom dresses made from authentic vintage fabrics. Finally, for brides who want to a new dress, we are committed to offering a model in each collection made with sustainable materials.


Slow-fashion wedding dresses. Photo: Raquel Benito.

Once you have decided on the dress, you can try on our old veils and mantillas or a vintage headdress to finish complementing your look. They are antique or made with antique Brussels lace, needlepoint or Granada lace.

For us, there is no such thing 100% sustainable fashion. At l’Arca we understand SUSTAINABILITY as a PATH, which we have been building, with the conviction that a production model that is better for the environment and local economy is possible. Every year we set ourselves a new sustainable challenge that we know we will be able to meet.

Dressmaking of slow wedding dresses

In our atelier located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona a team of local women elaborates all the stages of the dress. In the design process we apply a Zero Waste Philosophy: we make sure the patterns to make the most out of the fabric. This result in less fabric waste and less energy consumption.

We sell remaining materials in our vintage lace haberdashery. Materials that are left are also used by brides or local artisans for sustainable fashion or lingerie creations. Some materials are used to make lace bridal veils and gloves.

All production is done in our workshop in Barcelona. Our dressmakers work in a safe, healthy environment and earn fair wages.

Low environmental impact fabrics

To make our garments we use recycled fabrics and old lace. We recover impressive embroidery from pieces from the 20s and 30s and use them to make new dresses.

When we choose new fabrics, we work, as far as possible, with natural fabrics with LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT such as silk, bamboo or linen. We try to buy fabrics from local Spanish or European suppliers, minimizing the use of synthetic fibers and chemical dyes as much as possible.

Bridal lace is dyed to the right shade with natural dyes, from the Camale-on company, suitable for all skin types and chemical-free.

Recovering artisan techniques and sustainable lace

In our atelier, we preserve disappearing sewing techniques. We also contribute to workshops of recognized community artisans. We are in love with the technique of hand-made lace lining, in the purest lingerie tradition.

We work with embroiderers who preserve disappearing embroidery techniques that were very present in the traditional bridal culture, such as Cornely-type chain embroidery. We contribute to preserving technique that are closely linked to local culture and love to visit traditional workshops where the craft is transmitted.

We select lace from the Mediterranean tradition helping them to perdure. In this case, lace with origin denomination (D:O): French and Spanish lace, such as bobbin from Camariñas and Ret-fi from the town of Arenys de Mar. We merge tradition with current fashion trends.



Slow bobbin lace wedding dress. Collection “Cordelia and the sea”


Hand embroidery and wax headdresses

Sustainable local suppliers

We work hand in hand with new artisans who share our same values and create their pieces locally and with a lot of love. For the orange blossom headdresses, we recover the traditional wax casting technique.

We craft custom fans with old lace and collaborate with workshops in Valencia that have worked with wood and mother-of-pearl for generations, contributing to the dynamism of local companies.

We give a new life to your wedding dress

We give you the opportunity, once you are married, to DYE the colored wedding dress with NATURAL DYES and seasonal colors, so that it can be worn as a summer dress.

L’Arca collaborates with the Camale-on firm that offers a specific service for dyeing wedding dresses, with dyes made with ingredients directly from nature, such as seeds, leaves and plants. If you bring us your wedding petticoat, we will turn it into a beautiful summer lingerie skirt