Are you looking for a bridal dress for a civil wedding? Are you planning an intimate wedding or micro-wedding? Or simply, have you decided to get married without making your life too difficult, but you’d like to do it with an elegant but simple dress.

Continue reading and we’ll give you some tips and tricks to find a stylish and affordable bridal outfit for your civil wedding. We’ll also show you the key accessories to elevate your look depending on the type of wedding you are preparing.

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your wedding and

just get married

A common misconception is that in order to marry in a civil ceremony, brides have to give up on wearing a nice gown. The exact opposite is true, in fact, as civil weddings have more relaxed dress codes. This means that you can have a look that is sophisticated, as well as comfortable, at the same time.

The brides of today demand dresses with more informal designs and simpler silhouettes both to feel like themselves, and to make their dresses more sustainable.

Next up, we’ll give you some tips to find the ideal dress for civil unions based on where it’s being held. We’ll also help you determine the correct accessories in each case.

1.- The simplest civil wedding dress: the dress shirt.

The dress shirt meets the requirements of brides who plan their weddings, mainly being that it does not feel like a costume.

The shirt has buttons in the front and doesn’t have a train. The shirt’s straight and flowing fall gives the sensation of movement and freedom. In smaller weddings, the dress code is far more relaxed. The dress shirt is a perfect option to have a sophisticated, but comfortable look.

One advantage of dress shirts is that, in addition to being fairly easy to wear, they adapt well to almost any figure. It doesn’t matter if the bride has curves, or if they have a straight silhouette. The dress shirt complements well styles involving a large row of front buttons.

It wasElena’s choice, who got married in Barcelona in a civil ceremony in a simple lace-encrusted shirt dress.

2.-The midi bridal dress, the most desired length

The midi skirt is one of the most desired pieces in recent times. It’s a skirt with a romantic aesthetic. The skirt’s length is ideal for urban civil weddings, especially if the wedding is during the day.

What is mididress? Mididresses are characterized by exposing the ankles.

The ankle skirt is neither short nor long, and allows you to simplify your silhouette, without giving up a certain volume in your wedding dress.

In addition, the flared designs, with an A-shaped skirt is popular, as it fits at the waist and hides wide hips.

It’s important to mention that there are many distinct lengths of midi dresses. There are some dresses that reach above the ankle, while others reach just below the knee, with many lengths in between.

back Civil wedding dress

There are options that incorporate many trendy elements, such as puffed sleeves, open backs, and two-piece dresses.

The midi dress lets the shoes stand out, so it will be perfect to accompany sandals, festive shoes, as well as matching sparkling earrings.

A cage headdress will finish of this look, giving it both a vintage and urban touch.

3.- The 1920’s dress: The perfect Gatsby bride

The 1920’s style dresses are ideal for urban weddings, whether they be in courtrooms, or even in Great Gatsby themed weddings.

A 1920’s-style wedding dress is straight cut, made with flowing fabrics that don’t hug the body. The cut of the dress accents the hip, and goes to a length below the knee.

As it doesn’t hug the body, it favors all different body types. It’s suitable for weddings during the day. An example of urban-chic event is the civil wedding of Meritxell and Oriol.


Nothing think represents the spirit of the 1920’s better than fringes and rhinestones. Fridges and rhinestones accentuate the movement and sensuality of the bride, bewitchingly moving while they dance.

Our advice is to moderate the use accessories and makeup a to not over-exaggerate the look. For more ideas, please check out our guide to be the perfect 1920’s bride.

4.- The short civil wedding dress or mini

If you wish to show your legs, there are tons of options on the market for short white dresses at affordable prices. With the correct accessories, these short dresses can become a perfect wedding dress for a civil ceremony taking place in the open air.

One example of these short white dresses was picked by Laura, who had changed her wedding plans due to COVID-19. For her civil wedding, she opted for a lace mini-dress and a short veil with a pearl diadem, two very trendy accessories, which you can easily buy online.


“I didn’t think about wearing a veil until I had the dress and the earrings. When I tried on the whole look, I thought: it’s my wedding day, so why not dress as a bride? ”

For urban environments, we recommend fabrics such as jacquard or late, which work well with short veils and headdresses.

5.- Civil bride with pants

This is an original trend, which has become more and more established. It’s no longer unusual to see brides wearing pants or a suit jacket in civil weddings.

It can be more cosmopolitan, glam, or indie, but more and more brides are wearing pants nowadays. We especially like these two options. We especially like these two options

5.1.-Suit jacket pants

The classic white tuxedo reinvents itself in 2021 with more flattering shapes for the female figure. It has more details that make it more suitable for modern brides in urban ceremonies.

You can substitute the jacket with a vest to be more comfortable, or opt for palazzo pants, which have a very modern masculine touch

5.2 Jumpsuit as a wedding dress

Another alternative for civilian brides who want to wear pants but don’t want the typical two pieces, is the jumpsuit, or the full body jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit offers the comfort of pants but opens up the possibility of combining them with capes, overskirts, and jackets and a variety of patterns, types of necklines, sleeves, and accessories.

The jumpsuit, with its minimalist cut, and simple design and lines, favors the movement and the feeling of freedom of the bride.

They are the ones that go the least out of style and bring naturalness to the look. You can also repurpose them. A lounge shoe to match the headdress will add an elegant element and touch to the look.


6. The two-piece wedding dress: the easiest to reuse

For brides who want something informal for their weddings, two-piece dresses, or “bridal separates”, have reigned supreme for years.

The Bohemian style skirt and blouse combinations are a must for weddings in full or beach wedding settings. Cris chose a two-piece cropped with a guipure bodice for her civil wedding in Barcelona.

Combinations of short and long skirts work extremely well with lace crop tops. Tulle skirts with ties mesh well with long-sleeved shirts.

What makes the two-piece dress special is the ability to combine it in whichever way you want, creating and designing the dress yourself.

The great thing about this option is that you can always reuse the pieces separately, and that each of the pieces can be adapted to your neckline, type of sleeve, or your favorite skirt length.

7.- Civil brides in winter: lingerie dress plus coat

The slip dress, or strap dress, is the ideal piece for those looking for a minimalist wedding dress, without fanfare, but nonetheless elegant. Satin will add the touch of glamour that the occasion requires

7.1 The slip dress or lingerie wedding dress

The lingerie aesthetic has been embraced by women who opted for the groundbreaking look pioneered by the mythical Carolyn Bessette dress, with her famous link with John Kennedy in the 90’s. This aesthetic has become a classic in bridal wear.


7.2 Two in one: the slip-dress in winter

The slip dress is a garment that you can wear in many other occasions if you give it a more casual touch, for example by combining it with a blazer.


The slip-dress is a good option for winter civil weddings. A slip dress with straps admits lace coats or shawlsthat help to give a greater presence to the look and at the same time protect you from the cold.

A lace overdress allows you to give it another air for a more formal style, which you can do without at the time of the dance.


8.- Accessories for the civil bridal look

You can buy an affordable dress online that represents you and elevate the look with the right accessories.

In the accessories of the look is the detail that will mark the elegance of your bridal outfit. We advise you not to leave them for the last moment because they can ruin your style. You have to choose them with measure and let yourself be advised by a good professional.

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Although many brides choose not to wear a veil when they marry civilly, there is no impediment of protocol if you want to wear a veil.

If you want a slightly more informal image, you can opt for a headdresslike a bow, which can give volume to your look or a turban, an ideal option for the jumpsuit and the 1920s look.

A good option is a hat with a veil, which will ensure a triumphal entry.

In short, your wedding day, even if it is an intimate and civil wedding, is THE DAY to feel unique.

Don’t let your wedding dress take a back seat, and make your wedding unforgettable in every detail.

You can see here more styles and wedding dresses for your civil wedding, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or variations you want to make to your dress or accessory.