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The Dream: upcycling the summer white dress


Linen the freshest summer trend

“The dream,” our new summer collection rediscovers home linens from the late 19th and early 20th centuries for its new summer collection. These are cool, lightweight garments made from hemp and Holland thread. Lace, embroidery, and anagrams that once embellished sheets and tablecloths are revived in crop-tops, garter collars, and dy-cutting ruffles


Linen, one of noblest and most ancient textiles, will be the star fabric this summer. No other material is fresher, more durable, and more elegant.

Linen is our new bet towards more sustainable collections.

It is the most resistant fabric in a natural way, that is why it has been the most appreciated fabric in the manufacture of home clothes.

“The house is our corner in the world, … it is our first universe.”

Gaston Bachelard in “The poetic of space”

From Bedroom to Closet

We recover linen and cotton from household linen from the late nineteenth century, to produce fresh and timeless garments.

Lace, embroidery and initial anagrams that embellished sheets and tablecloths revive today in crop-tops, garter collars and ruffles of mini-dresses.

Linen and hemp, sustainable fabrics par excellence, are back in the form of maxi-dresses, ruffled crop-tops, and die-cut dresses

Revisiting the White lace dress

White linen and cotton dresses are a summer basic that becomes a trend year after year. The comfort and sensuality of these garments go hand in hand. Their aesthetics, inspired by the freshness of 70’s ad-lib fashion, make them perfect for pre-wedding parties, small family weddings or for wedding day preparations.



Their aesthetics, inspired by the freshness of 70’s ad-lib fashion, make them perfect for pre-wedding parties, small family weddings or for wedding day preparations.


They can be worn in all kinds of situations: at home for work, as a beach dress or for a night out with the right accessories.

The tunics can be worn as dresses or give a twist to the look and wear them as an overdress with pants, one of the star looks this season.mporada.

Re-living antique textiles

This collection arose from our collaboration with the artist and photographer Sandra Ramos, whose work explores the idea of ​​“RE-LIVING” that speaks to the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

And also resituates key household objects in natural landscapes.

The concept of the collection arose when trying to bring back to life antique embroidered bedding and table linens that no longer have a place in our modern homes

“ It’s about rediscovering the sensation of crisp, clean sheets, and the poetic feeling of the home that comes from family closets.”

It’s no accident that today the binary ‘inside-outside’deeply resonates with many of us.

It’s no accident that today the binary ‘inside-outside’ deeply resonates with many of us.


Images by Sandra Ramos invite us to reflect on the art of Inhabiting or “RE- Inhabiting the world.

“They make us ask ourselves how to “inhabit” the world better, from with the space and “house of dreams,” from a place of truth and intimate happiness.



The collection “The dream” is online and can be tried in our store in Barcelona.

Photography and artistic direction: Sandra Ramos,

Models: Nerea Mazarro y Kay hernandez

Makeup and Hairdressing: Anna Bovés

Shoes: La manual Alpargatera

Jewels : Mon collier Barcelonoa

Furniture and location: El Reixac

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