Vestido novia vintage

Vintage inspired wedding dresses

romantic and timeless dresses with a vintage air

All our wedding dresses are handmade in our charming workshop.

Contemporary silhouettes, delicate lace and vintage finishes define our collections. Expert hands will carefully craft your wedding dress, reviving artisanal techniques and fabrics. We individually tailor each garment, and we offer you the option of introducing variations in our designs so that you can wear a unique and exclusive model.

We also have an exquisite selection of authentic vintage wedding dresses, from Edwardian-style summer dresses to lingerie dresses from the 1930s with soft draping and delicately powdered hues. Any of them can become the ideal starting point for your tailor-made wedding dress or the bride’s mother dress.

Vintage bridal look civil wedding

Coutures collection

The Coutures collection features wedding dresses with a vintage flair

The dress are designed with pure lines and quality fabrics, and embellished with hand-made delicate embroidery and vintage lace.  

This collection is a tribute to the skilled creators behind the new collection. “Les petites mains” (“little hands”) is the nickname given to the artisans who work behind the scenes in Parisian sewing ateliers.

This magic touch is also found among embroiderers and lace artisans at L’Arca. Our own “little hands” work patiently with Valenciennes lace and Guipure, performing precision tasks such as beading, hemstitching, and inlay, to bring to life L’Arca designs. In tribute to this craft, the seven dresses in the new collection are named after these lace and embroidery techniques.

Vintage bride with pants and veil
Vintage bride with pants and veil

Our romantic gowns present a vintage look, perfectly suited for the elegant bride. L’Arca’s designs feature bows, ruffles, and top-to-bottom buttons that give our dresses a refined, detailed touch. To reinforce the versatile style that is our signature, wedding gowns come with removable trains that allow for two different looks, one for the ceremony, the second for the celebration afterward.

Our two-piece suits combine either palazzo pants or pencil skirts with lace blouses like the “corset” crop top to provide a contemporary alternative to the wedding gown.

Dos piezas vintage corsé
Detalle corsé novia vintage dos piezas

Dresses can be individually patterned and customized for each bride.

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, the collection opts for a versatile dress wearable on more than one occasion.

Contact us and we will explain how to order from abroad.

You can also take a look at our true vintage wedding dresses ant to our ready-to wear wedding dresses.

Detalle corsé novia vintage dos piezas
Vestido dos piezas couture
Novia vintage atelier
Detalle velo novia vintage Barcelona
Vestido lencero y velo largo
Novia vintage blanco y negro
Vestido imperio detrás
Lookbook couture novia vintage
Detalle vestido imperio
Vestido dos piezas couture
Vestido dos piezas couture
Pruebas novia vintage
Novia vintage maniquis
Vestido novia vintage pendiente
Novia vintage escote de pico
Novia vintage pendiente detalle
Vestido novia vintage atelier
Cuerpo entero añadido
Vestido novia vintage pendiente
Novia vintage escote de pico
Velo vestido novia vintage
Vintage wedding slipdress
Detalle bordado novia vintage
Vestido novia vintage atelier pruebas
Horizontal detalle encajes vestido novia vintage
novia vintage vestido blanco y negro
novia vintage vestido blanco y negro
Vestido novia vintage dos piezas
Novia vintage detalle encaje
Detalle vestido novia tocado vintage
Novias dos piezas
Velo novia blanco y negro
Novia vintage con ramo y velo

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