Summer dresses

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Our new collection “The dream” features fresh linen and lace dresses made with antique fabric and lace. Our new collection revives linens and cottons from the household linen of the late 19th century to create fresh and timeless garments.

Linen is one of the most noble and antique materials and is this summer’s flagship fabric. There is no cooler, more durable and elegant material: linen has its moment of glory again and is a commitment to sustainability.

It is the fabric that best self-regulates the temperature, and the most resistant in a natural way, that is why it has been the most popular fabric this summer.

Lace, embroidery and anagrams of initials that embellished sheets and tablecloths are revived in crop-tops, turtlenecks and ruffles of mini-dresses.

Linen and hemp, sustainable fabrics, return in the form of maxi-dresses, crop-tops with ruffles, and versatile tunic dresses.