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Vintage inspired wedding dresses

romantic and timeless dresses with a vintage air

All our wedding dresses are handmade in our charming workshop.

Contemporary silhouettes, delicate lace and vintage finishes define our collections. Expert hands will carefully craft your wedding dress, reviving artisanal techniques and fabrics. We individually tailor each garment,and we offer you the option of introducing variations in our designs so that you can wear a unique and exclusive model.

We also have an exquisite selection of authentic vintage wedding dresses, from Edwardian-style summer dresses to lingerie dresses from the 1930s with soft draping and delicately powdered hues. Any of them can become the ideal starting point for your tailor-made wedding dress.

Vintage bridal look civil wedding

Collection In Time

Vintage style wedding dresses
for the new era of intimate weddings

The new collection revisits 1970s casual chic in its most elegant aspects. An eclectic and cosmopolitan decade, the Seventies inspire these new offerings with a nod toward contemporary trends.


The brand offers a line of dresses that blend sensuality and sophistication adding a touch of glam. The dresses are entirely crafted in  our workshop in Barcelona with sheen and brocaded fabrics, and various hem lengths and with trendy touches like puffed sleeves and large bows.  In keeping with the needs of today’s brides, this year, for the first time, the dresses can be purchased online.

“We have time
forget about postponing your wedding
and just get married”

Vintage bride with pants and veil
Vintage bride with pants and veil

Intended for these new brides, the collection preserves the characteristic vintage style of the Barcelona brand while bringing to it less formal designs and more minimalistic contours. It wagers on dresses conceived for civil ceremonies and intimate celebrations, two-step weddings or elopements. New dresses for new times: simpler outfits offered at affordable prices.

If the new era for weddings make us celebrate love in a more intimate way, we’ll do so with more style and more freedom than ever. This is a unique opportunity to hold weddings differently.

“The now is the only time you have. Celebrate every second”

L’Arca Barcelona
Vintage wedding dress with buttons Larca
Vintage wedding dress with buttons Larca

Following our commitment to sustainability, the collection emphasizes a versatile dress that you can wear more than once: removable bows, two-piece dresses, mini-dresses and midi skirts. 

For the first time the dresses can be bought on-line

Vintage wedding slipdress
Vintage bride with trousers
Vintage bride with trousers
vintage bride station train
urban vintage bride
Vintage cape wedding dress

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Vintage puff sleeve wedding dressVintage puff sleeve wedding dress
Vintage puff sleeve wedding dressVintage puff sleeve wedding dress
Vintage puff sleeve wedding dressVintage puff sleeve wedding dress
Short vintage wedding dress
Short vintage wedding dress with headdress
Short vintage wedding dress
Short vintage wedding dress with headdress
Vintage bride with lace
Vintage bride with lace
Urban vintage wedding dress

“A Happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short”

André Maurois

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